It has been a long transition since we at AAF decided to switch Handshake from a printed publication to a digital publication or monthly digital newsletter. We knew that we have to evolve our communications channels to be up to date with the demanding and fast pace of the new media and Internet revolution.

In that process we moved into a a PDF only digital publication but we were still missing the link to be actual, relevant and interactive. We found that the missing link was an updated AAF website that allow us to connect in a single point all our communication efforts, and we finally reached that goal in 2011.

We are very proud of the support of the Board to develop this new site which is also hosting our new Handshake Newsletter. The Handshake Newsletter will be sent on monthly basis by e-mail summarizing the latest news that are published in our website.

This new website is focused in the community formed by our members, our consumers and our sponsors and therefore we are aiming to bring a lot of value added, benefits and new features to the community. Some of the new features include a private forum for AAF members where we all be able to discuss internally issues directly related to our industry and our business in the State of Florida; trough out the forums we will be able to collectively discuss, make contributions and find solutions to the professional issues in our trade.

On the other hand, we are also opening an on-line  Job Posting section in our website;  members can publish for free their open positions and for those that are not AAF members yet still can publish their job openings with an small fee.

Consumers and industry professionals will be able to comment in our posts (with moderation) and also use this channel to ask questions.

Also sponsors will have more ways and space to communicate their message. We are expecting to fill out quickly the sponsor spots in our website and in the news letter. For additional informaiton about sponsorship opportunities please contact us at

As in any new project there are still fine tuning and opportunities to improve, therefore feel free to give us your feedback and contributions to this new communication channel.

Hernando Barreto
Director at large
Chairman of DPRC – AAF
Digital Public Relations Committee