With the Alarm Association quickly traversing into the 21st century I am proud to have the opportunity to represent a group with such a rich history of innovative, committed, and involved leaders. I truly believe this association provides the best representation of the low voltage contractor in the country and I will personally strive to make my mark as your elected president. I want to thank everyone that stepped up and committed their time to serve on this year’s executive committee with me.

2015 Convention

While visiting in the Monitronics hospitality room at the convention I was reminded of an old saying, “In a bacon-and-egg breakfast what’s the difference between the Chicken and the Pig? The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!”   I want to thank John Toscano and Roy Pollack for committing themselves to the success of this year’s convention. Folks these things don’t put themselves together without someone willing to be on your breakfast plate. From our keynote speaker to the vendor alley and finally the banquet entertainment, this was truly a first class event. I would encourage you to commit to planning now for next year’s convention as we take another big step towards making this the top marquee event in the low-voltage industry. With plans to upgrade our venue and optional entertainment packages for all ages, I would encourage you to start planning with your entire family for next year’s convention and take advantage of the spring weather in one of the top attraction areas in the world.


A big step was taken this year to streamline the executive board for the purpose of becoming more efficient in our decision making and our ability to quickly move vital information between the individual regions, main office, and the executive committee. The membership voted to adopt a new set of bylaws which eliminated the position of “Vice President at Large”, automatically set committee assignments based on current positions within the elected board, and created five new positions specifically tasked with communicating all information to and from individual regions. I want to say a big thanks to those individuals that stepped up and committed themselves to representing the regions this year.

How can you help?

Your regional directors would love to see you become more involved in the regional meetings. This is the best way to ensure you have a voice within the association and we can best support you as a business owner. Do you have code questions? Are you having trouble with local permitting? Is the county in which you work considering changes that would affect your business?   These are the things that are discussed at your regional meetings and this information is subsequently passed on to the executive board so that we may intervene on a state level when necessary so get involved and allow the association to work for you. My goal is to have our members participating consistently on the local level so if a specific time or location would make the regional meetings more appealing please by all means let us know.


I want to thank all the members for putting your trust in me to lead this association as the 2015-2016 President. In return I commit to maintaining the same level of innovation and involvement set by our past leaders.

Jason Rountree

AAF President

Alarm Association of Florida