We need qualified technicians! This is an ongoing theme I hear across that state from dealers and one of the biggest challenges to growth that I personally face. While there are some programs available none really target all of the specific skills necessary to be a well-rounded low voltage technician in a reasonable time table until now. With the announcement of an all-encompassing low voltage training program through Palm Beach State College that is being fully supported by the AAF, dealers have a resource for multi-faceted technician training.  Whether you service CCTV, Access Control, Fire, Burg, or other low voltage disciplines your technician will be truck ready upon completion of the program. Now I realize depending on where you are located in the state that this may not be at this time feasible for you but I want to encourage you to start some dialogue with your local community college about the possibility of picking up the program. I would love to see this program grow throughout the state but we will need your help in generating interest at the local level. Please contact a representative at your local community college and let them know about your needs for employment and training then maybe together we can grow this program into a long term solution for technician development.

Jason Rountree

AAF President

Alarm Association of Florida