As I have become more involved in my role as President I am truly blown away by the relationships we have built with our public officials both at the local and state levels. I had the opportunity to represent the AAF at the Florida Police Chiefs Association’s (FPCA) summer conference and can tell you it was one of the highlights of my professional career. I was humbled by the fact that in a room full of individuals who put their lives on the line every day to protect all of us, these same individuals showed nothing but gratitude and appreciation towards our association for supporting their mission of training future law enforcement leaders and allowing us to participate in their wall of honor to recognize individuals that have dedicated their lives to improving law enforcement across our great state. By allowing the AAF to sit in on several of their committees we have direct input on any current challenges from across the state that affect both the low voltage contractor and the law enforcement agency. This extends all the way to the capitol building in Tallahassee. I feel truly blessed to have met some of the finest men and women representing our policing agencies from across the state. I would like to thank Bob Neely, Doug Bassett, and Glen Mowrey for all the hours they have dedicated to fostering our relationship with the FPCA ensuring that the low voltage contractors have a voice within this great organization. In closing, I would like to again share with all of our members why I believe the AAF is the best representation of the low voltage contractor and that is because no matter where you do business in this great state the AAF is behind the scenes constantly working to foster the relationships that protect your rights as a business owner.

Jason Rountree

AAF President

Alarm Association of Florida