We’re well into the summer months at this point and if you are like me the unrelenting weather has you stretched sometimes to the breaking point in an effort to keep up with customer needs. Heck, I’ve even considered adding a maritime crew to access some of our areas in West Central Florida due to the merciless rain and flooding we are experiencing.   When you show up to your customer’s location and there is nothing but four feet of flooded road between you and your destination it gives new meaning to our motto “Do Whatever It Takes”. This is also the time of year that gives us a chance as owner/managers to evaluate our team and learn how we respond when faced with adversity. Are your processes so complex that employees tend to shut down when the volume exceeds your abilities or do you keep it simple allowing them to think for themselves which often times allows for some pretty creative ideas. If you let Authority and Management stifle creativity it will be hard to get honest objective ideas from your team on how to improve processes. With that said remember you will get better ideas and a happier team by telling them your idea and giving them the opportunity to find a solution then telling them what to do.

Jason Rountree

AAF President

Alarm Association of Florida