New Tax Bill Provides Business Benefits

Buddy Dewar of the National Fire Sprinkler Association passed on the following about the tax bill that just passed congress. He has worked on this since 2003. Large congratulations are in order for their work. He gave me permission to distribute to our members a letter he wrote to the Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors [...]

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FLORIDA STATUTES for Electrical and Alarm Contractors regarding the hiring of employees Title XXXII REGULATION OF PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS Chapter 489 CONTRACTING View Entire Chapter “489.503 Exemptions.— (b) The legislative intent of this subsection is to place equal responsibility on the unlicensed business and its employees for the protection of the consumers in contracting transactions. For the [...]

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Members Interim Activities Report  November, 2016 MISSION: The Alarm Association of Florida was founded with a mission to promote education and training within the alarm and low voltage industries and establish preeminent professional ethics and standards. It was begun in an effort to establish statewide licensing. Beginning in 1979, and after nine years of lobbying [...]

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Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Programs

To All our AAF Members, industry contractors and security professionals, We are pleased to report further program development from our insurance partners at Merrill Insurance ( . Along with their excellent contractors’ liability, errors and omissions and professional coverages, they are now offering a newly developed workers compensation package specifically designed for security and [...]

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Clarification of “Verification”

Many terms that seem obvious to alarm industry professionals are nebulous to outsiders, including law enforcement. 'Verification' as it pertains to intrusion alerts is a prime example. That perception along with advancing technology is hastening the necessity for change. Click on the link below to read the article. Call to have 'Verified' better Clarified By [...]

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Florida AlarmPAC

**Florida AlarmPAC Contribution Form** To all AAF Members and dedicated industry professionals, Recently our Florida security industry became the target of several aggressive legislative assaults to eliminate our security industry laws. Outside interests attempted to exempt themselves from licensing and certification requirements. If AAF members had fought these issues alone in a classic ‘David vs. [...]

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WHERE SHOULD YOU SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP MONEY? (Or how I LOVE the Alarm Association of Florida!) …An editorial by your AAF Executive Director, Bob Neely The Alarm Association of Florida, Inc. is the largest independent state alarm contractor trade association in the United States. Think about that. New York state has members, [...]

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The Alarm Association of Florida Board of Directors established recognition of outstanding service in Public Safety with the award of Police Chief of the Year and Fire Chief of the Year. This year at the AAF convention and trade show in March the Board awarded Police Chief of the Year for 2014 to Police Chief [...]

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Need a trained technician?

SPECIAL TRAINING MESSAGE FROM YOUR AAF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR… For years security industry alarm dealers have complained that we suffer from a lack of trained personnel. Especially in the category of installation and service employees. Many have complained and few have offered solutions. Well no more. Palm Beach State College has developed a wonderful training program [...]

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New Florida Building Codes Take Effect June 30

April 7, 2015 ~New codes include 5th Edition (2014) Update Energy Provisions for Commercial Buildings~ TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The International Code Council and the Florida Building Commission, housed within the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) announced significant changes to the Florida Building Codes that will result in safer, sustainable buildings and homes. [...]

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