“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” Napolean Hill, American Author – 1883-1970

April kicks our organization into high gear preparing for and administering our annual state business conference in May. There are endless details from coordinating instructors and guest speakers, to contracting hotel services and meals. It is a specialty process that must make a lot of people happy and when it goes right it feels great. There are incidentals that can side track your success but with some experience and good luck it usually stays on course.

This year we are fortunate to have on tap a plethora of great speakers and instructors (click here for the list). Among them are a State Senator, the State Fire Marshal, legal experts on gun laws, insurance and technics. The best part is they will be providing CE’s for your State of Florida Electrical or Alarm license as they make their presentations; AND if you attend as a member of the Alarm Association of Florida your 14-hour license renewal classes will be provided to you free of charge.

Now think about the following issues: who represents your alarm, electrical or low voltage company in Tallahassee before the legislature? Who provides the education and training courses to your employees for state certification? Who maintains the records of either your license training or that of your employees? Who provides your industry insurance program? Who has a full-time staff available every business day to answer your security or fire company needs? Who maintains a resident code expert to answer code questions? Who represents you to law enforcement or fire service agencies? Who represents you to the state Electrical Contractors Licensing Board? Who represents you to some twenty state associations involved in your industry issues? Which alarm association has members of the state fire marshal’s office and members of the Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association on their Board? Who provides scholarships at no cost to children of security, fire, law enforcement and fire industries?

Which trade association reinvests every dollar you spend with them from membership to training on the association itself to represent you IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA? If you are spending your association dollars on any other trade group, then you are throwing it away. The AAF is a not-for-profit Florida Corporation created and run by a board of volunteers to represent contractors to the state and to other trades IN FLORIDA. When you spend your dollars with us, they stay IN FLORIDA; they don’t pay for parties in any other state or the District of Columbia.

We NEED the support of EVERY alarm and electrical contractor in the state of FLORIDA. One of the wisest investments for your company is to join and participate in the AAF today. The benefits are unmatched in the industry. Details for the AAF Conference and Trade Show are available at the following link: https://fla-alarms.org/convention/

Bob Neely

Executive Director

Alarm Association of Florida