“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist 1879-1955

While I could not agree more with Mr. Einstein’s quote, I also believe there is an important personal addendum that ties in with this valuable observation. It is extremely important that one also live a life devoted to providing important care for yourself. Caring for yourself in all   aspects is important obviously not only to you but also your family, employees and customers. Part of that caring is ‘business wellness’. Let the AAF help you with this task.

This year ask yourself a few questions about how best to provide for your business welfare and who can best assist your business wellness. I submit the following ideas for your continued good ‘business wellness’. High on the list is one of the first protections employed for your security and fire business and that is insurance.

The Alarm Association of Florida has worked very closely with Merrill Insurance to provide an “A” rated insurance program covering all aspects of contractor’s liability and errors and omissions insurance. Additionally, Merrill offers excellent workers compensation, cyber and vehicle coverages. You owe it to yourself to sign up with a true comprehensive insurance program, not a haphazard bait and switch program where you pay additional assessments every other month. Not only will you receive a 10% premium discount as an AAF member, Merrill generously supports our industry scholarship program. They also provide coverage outside Florida. Available at: www.merrillinsurance.com/products/alarm

Next you and your employees need training as a part of business wellness. This year is a license renewal year once again. As an AAF member you can receive ALL of your 14 hour CE’s for renewal AT NO CHARGE by simply attending the annual conference May 23 and 24 in Orlando at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall. Also, other city classroom courses will be offered but at the regular rate. Additionally, you can go on line at www.alarmacademy.org  and take all of your license holder 14-hour training and even schedule your employees for their initial and renewal courses as well.

Next as a security and fire contractor who represents you in Tallahassee? If you are an AAF member you have automatic ‘legislative wellness’ built in. A full-time lobbyist, full time staff and executive director take your concerns and issues directly to our legislators for consideration and passage. The AAF is the ONLY industry association in Florida representing YOU as an industry. No other association does this for you.

Last, as an AAF member you are privileged to receive the benefit of the Alarm Industry Foundation of Florida scholarship fund. Industry children and those of public safety are eligible for annual scholarships awarded to our future leaders. No other Florida specific true charitable trust assists your kids. Please help support this fine effort. Tens of thousands of dollars have been awarded over the last 20 years.

From insurance to training, from legislation to free education; there is no better industry organization representing you and your business in the country. For nearly fifty years the AAF has been there for you. Please be there for us.

Bob Neely

Executive Director

Alarm Association of Florida