Dear Alarm Contractors, Industry Colleagues, Partners, Friends and Family…

Please allow us this personal observation for the month. We feel it necessary to communicate withall of you because of the unusual circumstances.

As you are aware, my wife of over 48 years, Linda passed away peacefully May 6, 2018. I have commented on her extensive 40-year industry career previously. She was remarkable in many ways for here dedication and service to the industry, but also as a wife and mother. She battled metastatic breast cancer for some 14 years. Her battled ended with our daughter Laura and me at her side.

After posting our tribute to her on line the Monday after, we were gratified at the response we received from so very many of you inside and outside the industry. What we received was far beyond the usual condolences. We were over whelmed by the responses relating stories of her assisting people in so many ways. It was consoling and humbling to read the recounting of the events and circumstances that demonstrated Linda’s quiet resolve to help people.

Both our daughter Laura and I wanted to communicate to all of you who were so kind in your condolences and remembrances, our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your thoughts and prayers. It is truly inspiring and of great comfort during this mourning period.

Please know as we move forward during this time how much your kindness means to Laura and me. May you experience the peace and serenity you have conveyed to us through your thoughts and prayers.

Bob Neely

Executive Director

Alarm Association of Florida