So when does my alarm license number need to appear in Florida advertising

 The 2016 Florida Statutes
Chapter 489
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489.521 Business organizations; qualifying agents.—


7 (b) The registration or certification number of a contractor shall be stated in each offer of services, business proposal, or advertisement, regardless of medium, used by that contractor. For the purposes of this part, the term “advertisement” does not include business stationery or any promotional novelties such as balloons, pencils, trinkets, or articles of clothing. The board shall assess a fine of not less than $100 or issue a citation to any contractor who fails to include that contractor’s certification or registration number when submitting an advertisement for publication, broadcast, or printing.

The above Florida Statute is the law that was passed for advertising your services as a contractor in Florida. Following this sentence is the paragraph in the Florida Administrative Code (the Electrical Contractor Licensing Board rules) that flesh out the definition of the statute further:

Florida Administrative Code:

61G6-4.019 General Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases are used in Chapter 489, Part II, F.S., shall mean the following:

(2) Other Advertising Media – The term “other advertising media” shall apply to business proposals, bill of sales, contracts, business cards, construction site signs, all newspapers, airwave transmission, phone directory, handbills, billboards, flyers, shopping and service guides (coupon offerings), magazines (including trade association publications), classified advertisements, internet websites, manufacturer’s “authorized dealer” listings, and signs on vehicles. They shall not apply to business stationery, balloons, pencils, pens, hats, articles of clothing, or other promotional novelties. Neither shall the terms apply to free phone directory listings (regardless of page color) of one, two, or three lines, which display nothing more than the proper name, company name, address, and telephone numbers in whole or in part in an unbolded or unhighlighted print and without further textual or pictorial elaboration or touting in its overall display.

Specific Authority 489.507(3) FS. Law Implemented 489.521(7)(b), 489.529 FS. History–New 8-23-89, Amended 7-3-91, Formerly 21GG-4.019, Amended 12-24-97, 5-13-03, 4-7-08.

Now having said all of that remember that the 408 cities and 67 Florida counties also MAY have some requirements locally in their ordinances that require specific type of licensure information on your service vehicles, with size and location of lettering etc. So you need to check in for your particular jurisdiction. Best of luck.

Disclaimer: The AAF by Board policy does not report any violations to the State of Florida and maintains a neutral advisory status for contractors and members. The purpose of this column is to disseminate statute information only.

Bob Neely

Executive Director

Alarm Association of Florida