‘‘It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.’’

-Tom Brokaw, Author and Commentator


Each November 11 this country honors those who have served in the United States Military past and present with a day of recognition. Veterans Day is a twenty-four hour moment in time when we stop to honor those men and women who have performed the duty their oath required when it arrived.

Imagining for a moment those millions of patriots who have served from the time of the American Revolution right on through to Afghanistan today it is undeniable that duty to a cause greater than themselves is their commitment. Every one of those who have served whether in combat or administration have done so without regard for their own well being, but rather service for the good of others.

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association ( restores and operates old military vehicles as a way of honoring those veterans of service. On November 11 our local Southeast Region sector here in Florida has a regular commitment to participation in a parade at the Town of Miami Lakes, Florida. We strive to recognize all branches of the service and every conflict whenever possible.

This year it occurred to me that the magnificent WWII memorial in Washington D.C. built for those 16 million people who served in our armed forces during that conflict, will be filled this coming year with veterans and their families. This will be in tribute additionally for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Europe by the Allied forces to launch the final defeat of the Nazi regime.

Even though every generation has produced many heroes who have sacrificed themselves for our safety, there is a special place of recognition for those having served during WWII. Mr. Brokaw’s book notwithstanding, they deserve this special recognition for what they accomplished.  In my research of military vehicles, I have discovered a treasure trove of photographs from WWII. These document all branches and operational theaters. They contain marvelous images of our men and women from that conflict performing their duties.

These photos are in a slide show file format as a background to my work computers. They serve as a constant reminder of the millions who served, the jobs they performed and the fact that we are now sadly losing almost 1,000 of them each day. In preserving the legacy of this great nation, we must never forget or lose track of the importance of these people.

Please consider hiring veterans for your workforce and take a moment this Veterans Day to honor them and thank those currently in service to our country.

Bob Neely (Veteran)

Executive Director

Alarm Association of Florida


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