Recognized By Security Industry Association Fire-Lite Alarms’ FireWatch Series upload/download fire alarm IP communicator was awarded top honors in the Fire and Life Safety category of the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) 30th annual New Product Showcase competition.

The FireWatch upload/download IP communicator enables any commercial building’s fire alarm system to communicate with central monitoring stations via the Internet. Its exclusive upload/download feature allows installers to interact with systems from any remote location.

Whether uploading program updates, troubleshooting issues or performing virtual maintenance checks, these remote capabilities can lead to reduced expenses and false june issue 2009:Layout 1 6/9/2009 4:19 PM Page 14 Industry News alarms. Fire-Lite’s IP communicator can utilize a building’s existing IP line (i.e. LAN, WAN, DSL, cable, etc.) to digitally transmit information to central stations. Traditional phone lines utilized for alarm communications can be eliminated. Internet alarm monitoring eliminates the many alarm communication issues that stem from the telecommunications industry’s ongoing switch to fiber optic cable for digital signal transmissions.

While enabling faster alarm transmissions, the FireWatch IP communicator also increases supervision of connectivity between the central station and alarm panel to every 90 seconds. Phone lines are typically supervised once every 24 hours. The FireWatch IP communicator merely connects to a fire alarm panel’s standard telephone ports, no changes to the panel’s existing configuration are required. All alarm transmissions are secured with the industry’s highest level of encryption (AES 512 bit). This module’s fully-digital transmission method also eliminates common dropouts in modem communications caused by noise or other factors.

The FireWatch IP communicator is listed to UL 864 9th Edition standards as compatible with multiple new and legacy varieties of Fire-Lite alarm panels. For more information, visit