**Florida AlarmPAC Donation Page**

To all AAF Members and dedicated industry professionals,

Recently our Florida security industry became the target of several aggressive legislative assaults to eliminate our security industry laws. Outside interests attempted to exempt themselves from licensing and certification requirements. If AAF members had fought these issues alone in a classic ‘David vs. Goliath’ scenario, they would have failed. After an exhaustive legislative fight, the Alarm Association Florida AlarmPAC came away victorious with a level playing field for all security and fire alarm contractors. The AAF is the ONLY trade association representing you in Tallahassee with a full time lobbyist.

Of course for the upcoming 2016 legislative session the Florida AlarmPac is registered as an entity to be in the next fight. The AAF has the political support of many private and state agencies. But we NEED the financial support of our members and the industry. The Legislative Committee recognizes that we have a full agenda for 2016 including defending our current statutory requirements, third party contractor mandates from municipalities, archaic plans requirements that desperately need upgrading in the Florida Building Code, trades issues and low voltage permitting among a host of others. Financial support is the key and your contributions are the answer.

Click the link above and thank you for your continued support and dedication. We ask that you join our ‘Capitol Commission’ and contribute.

A sum of $100.00 to $249.00 makes you a ‘Contributing Member’. Those endowing our legislative effort with $250.00 to $499.00 will be designated a ‘Participating Member’ of this prestigious campaign. ‘Sustaining Members’ must contribute $500.00 to $999.00 for this elite status. For a contribution of $1000.00 or more you are certified as a ‘Founding Member’ of the Commission. Members contributing $99.00 dollars or less will be enrolled as ‘General Members’ of the Commission. All contributions, regardless of size are welcome. We are the ONLY industry standing up to oppose those detrimental political forces so dangerous to our industry. Please help today. Do NOT depend on others to contribute. We need your help and contributions NOW for our lobbying efforts and elections.

Doug Bassett – Legislative Chairman                                                                Jason Rountree – President