During the week of July 9-12, 2017 the Florida Police Chief’s Association held their annual summer members meeting at Trump National Doral. At this meeting the FPCA presented many awards to people who have devoted their energies and careers to law enforcement and the support thereof.

The Alarm Association of Florida and the Security Industry Alarm Coalition sponsor the ‘Wall of Honor’ recipients for this program. This year the recipients were Chief Karl Engel, founding President of FPCA (awarded posthumously) and Chief Dennis Jones, Past President of the FPCA.

Chief Jones (top) and Chief Engel

Chief Karl Engel was the founding member and first President of the FPCA in 1952. Without his dedication and support the FPCA would likely never have formed in the solid tradition his legacy bestowed.

Chief Dennis Jones served as President of FPCA from 2012-2013. He was instrumental in procuring the new building for the FPCA in Tallahassee in 2014 which stands as a proud new facility for training and administration today. His thirty-five year law enforcement career underscores his solid leadership and affable, firm approach to administration.

Chief Glen Mowrey SIAC (L), Chief Dennis Jones (C), Bob Neely AAF (R)

Additionally the Florida Police Chief’s Association Public/Private Partnership Committee honored AAF Executive Director, Bob Neely with their ‘Helping Hand Award’. This is one of four recognition awards the committee recommends each year for associated accomplishments in support of law enforcement from the private sector. Director Neely was recognized for his efforts in alarm dispatch reduction for the state of Florida.

FPCA President Chief Butch Arenal (L), presents award to Bob Neely (C), Chief Frank Kitzerow assisting