Why join the Alarm Association of Florida?         

 Did you know that there are more than 147,000 trade associations in the United States.  According to the American Society of Associations most of these are State and Local organizations.  Why are there so many Trade Associations?  Studies have shown that when like minded people in the same type of profession get together something happens called Group Dynamics.  It’s been said that joining a trade association could set your business’s agenda in motion.

Large companies hire their own lobbyists to influence legislators and regulators while small companies join trade associations.  There are other benefits such as networking, access to discount programs and getting help in industry education campaigns.  This is where the Alarm Association of Florida shines.

What can the Alarm Association do for you?  Here are a few reasons to consider.

  1. We have 11 regions State wide that have meetings monthly or every other month.  In these meetings we have guest speakers giving talks on topics such as business management, compensation and labor law, workers comp issues, liability insurance mandates, State and Local codes, fire inspection regulations, installation procedures, manufacturers reps with new products and product updates, electrical surge protection education … the list goes on and on.  Many members become friends and virtual partners that help each other out with service calls and fill in for each other when one goes on vacation.  Remember VACATIONS?
  2. We have a lobbyist that keeps our industry from being over run with legislative issues that would be detrimental to your company.  Are you aware of House Bill 741?  This bill in its original form could have lost almost every alarm company in this state up to 80% of the value in your customer contracts.  Without the Alarm Associations input through our Legislative committee and our Lobbyist, your company could have lost 80% of what it is worth.  By the way, have you modified your contract to accommodate this legislation?
  3. We started and helped create the Enhanced Call Verification program that became Law in this State.  This legislation with proper implementation has proven to reduce false alarm rates by 50% to 70% and created a revenue stream to offset the Policing agency’s expense.  By making this a state law and training the different municipalities in these procedures we have been able to stave off attempts of municipalities going to “No Response” in their areas.  What would that do to your company’s sales or retention rate if your area decided not to respond to your alarms?
  4. We created and got the legislation passed into law that installers and sales people have to have criminal background checks and pass the Burglar Alarm System Agent / Fire Alarm System Agent (BASA/FASA) courses every two years to be certified to work in our industry in this state.  By having these rules in place we have shown that our industry is a Profession.  These policies are not only good solid business practices, they are saving our companies huge labor costs by not having to have Journeyman electricians doing our installations.  How much would it cost your company to have Journeymen on your jobs?  Thank you BASA/FASA.
  5. We have six classroom trainers throughout the state for your License Holders Continuing Education.  There are classes for Sales reps, Service reps and Installation techs for their 14 hour initial BASA/FASA training along with their two year 6 hour renewal courses.  All classes are approved by the State of Florida and include the proper Photo Identification Badges as required by the State.
  6. Now we have “The Alarm Academy” which provides the AAF online training courses.  Now you and your employees can sign up and take the courses you need on line and at your leisure to keep your license and certifications up to date.  No longer do installers, service techs and sales people have to lose days of production to take a class.  Once they sign up they have 30 days to complete the course. All you need is a computer, web cam and a fast access internet connection.
  7. We have the Alarm Association of Florida’s home office, staff and Executive Director that coordinate activities throughout the state and help support the AAF website.  Did you know that as a member your company is listed on our website.  The general public can find out about companies that are members in their area and how to contact them. One sale from this website could pay you enough to cover years of membership dues for the AAF.
  8. The AAF website has a Members only area.  As a member you can sign in and get information about upcoming meetings and legislation that affects your company.  You can get updates on SIAC, FARA, FPCA, FFCA, ASIS, ECLB, find out about upcoming events and more.
  9. We have 14 committees working on issues that impact our profession.  We have the Alarm Reduction Committee, Bylaws Committee, Convention Committee, Education Compliance Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Fire Advisory Committee, Legislative Committee, Media Relations Committee, Membership/Regional Directors Committee, Nominating Committee, Public/Private Partnership Committee, Steering Committee and Locksmith Legislation Committee.  All of these working on solving problems, doing projects, tackling legislative issues, putting together schedules and building better training programs to help keep the alarm profession in Florida from sliding off the road into a canal.
  10. Now we have the AAF Convention called the South East Electronic Security Conference that we hold annually in Orlando Florida.  This years SEES Conference was a great success. Approximately 200 license holders earned their 14 hours of Continuing Education just by staying at the hotel for two nights, attending the trade show for free and using the Passport Program we designed to accumulate the credits needed for their license. The vendors and attendees all enjoyed this conference and found it to be very educational.  If you missed this years SEES Conference you missed a fantastic opportunity to network and learn about the new programs available to our profession.  If you did attend you know what benefits you gained and will really appreciate what we have in store for next years conference.

Do something good for yourself by becoming an active member in one of the strongest State Alarm Associations in the Nation.  You don’t have to try going it alone and being an island.  Remember, there is safety in numbers. The Group Dynamics and friendships developed can become positive influences on you and your career for many years to come.

Please contact the AAF at 800-899-2099 or go to our website at www.fla-alarms.org to get involved or for more information.  And as always:

 Thanks for your support.

Dale Burger

AAF President