Kantech, part of Tyco Security Products, has announced the release of hattrix , a flexible and scalable security platform that marks a dramatic shift toward outsourcing security, similar to other services such as IT, HR, and legal services. Hattrix encompasses three dimensions of security services – a hosted access control solution, a fully managed solution, or a hybrid approach where end users can employ different access control services to meet their specific needs.

Hattrix offers an intuitive and secure WebStation which includes animated graphics, email reporting live events viewing and more to enable end users to remotely control their own security management tasks in real-time over the web for a hosted approach, or turn over some or all security responsibilities to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a hybrid or fully managed solution.

In essence, Hattrix eliminates the four most common hurdles a business owner faces when implementing security solutions:

  1. Infrastructure Expense . Hattrix virtually eliminates end users’ network and computing infrastructure capital costs and ongoing operational expenses such as database/operating system upgrades, hardware replacement, anti-virus software and networking equipment.
  2. Limited Access Control Knowledge . It takes a lot of time and effort to continually train and support existing and new users on an access control system. With a hattrix certified MSP in charge, no “access control know-how” is required on the end user’s part.
  3. Maintenance Inefficiencies . An end user gets a system that works right because it’s managed right. The entire security system is professionally and properly maintained by the MSP, including ongoing scheduled backups, full redundancy and data security.
  4. Manpower Expense . In today’s economy, many end users can’t afford to hire a dedicated person to run the security system. hattrix significantly reduces the end user’s need for dedicated or part-time staff to administer the system, making access control much more affordable.

“Using a managed or hosted solution, end users can focus their attention growing their business, not managing their security solution”, said Guido Dipilla Business Development Manager for Kantech’s Hattrix solution. “It’s a cost-effective way to ensure their employees and properties are protected by those who understand security.”

One of the most notable differences between Hattrix and other solutions is its ‘plug and play’ connectivity. Coined their “call home”, feature this solution eliminates the need for a technician to program the central station information into a controller. The technician just plugs it in and the communication begins – securely using an Ethernet 128-bit AES 3DES encryption. No on site programming required! This provides enormous savings in labor costs, on-site programming time and IT expenses for both the end user and the MSP.

For dealers and systems integrators, Hattrix provides a single, comprehensive security platform at a low-cost of service that meets the varied requirements of their customer base. Scalable from two doors to an enterprise-wide deployment, the platform can help dealers boost overall recurring revenue through direct service contracts, or as third party hosts for other dealers who want to resell the platform to their customers.

“Moving to a managed or hosted security platform enables dealers and integrators to migrate their business to a new, dynamic and flexible model based on recurring service revenue,” Guido has explained. ” Hattrix offers a migration path from a traditional access control to a services platform, presenting a great opportunity for dealers with existing Kantech customers because of its backwards compatibility with Kantech hardware.”

Recently Kantech has signed an agreement with a Florida based company, BYCO Technologies Inc, to set up a true state of the art cloud-based Hattrix Central Station serving Florida’s Kantech Dealers and Integrators that would like to offer the Managed Access Control services without the added costs of setting up a data center . “Having the BYCO Technologies’ Hattrix Servers hosted in a real cloud environment at the South Florida NAP of the Americas, provide consumers, dealers and system integrators a big deal of peace of mind, reliability and security” said Pat Thomas, Manufacturing Rep of Kantech in Florida.

BYCO Technologies has also developed an API for Hattrix and they have integrated it with Govisitor.com their innovative iPad and web-based Visitor product which represents even more value added for dealers and users.

For more information on Hattrix, visit www.kantech.com or contact your local Kantech’s Rep.