**Florida AlarmPAC Contribution Form**

Dear Members,

This coming year once again we face legislative issues affecting you as electrical and alarm contractors in codes and standards, business law, workers compensation, health insurance, employee backgrounds and telecommunications. If alone, you had to devote the time and money to legislation affecting your business, what would you have to invest? To make your issues known to legislators requires funding as we go forward each legislative year and this year is no exception.


The Alarm Association of Florida represents hundreds of security contractors and thousands of their employees to legislators in Tallahassee and they ONLY hear us through effective lobbying. Our lobbyist, Eric Prutsman of Prutsman Associates, has served us admirably in this regard for many years protecting and promoting our industry.


The Alarm Association of Florida has continuously supported legislative action for our industry for twenty years. Once again, this past year we fought for your rights as a contractor. Quite simply, this member service costs money. Our Board of Directors has established the ‘Florida AlarmPAC’ for this purpose. Our ‘Political Action Committee’ needs your help each year raising funds for lobbying efforts and campaign contributions. These are a matter of public record and available online through the state of Florida election website.


We ask that you join our ‘Capitol Commission’ and contribute. Please go to this link:


and donate today. Do NOT depend on others to contribute. We need your help and contributions NOW for our lobbying efforts and elections. All contributions, regardless of size are welcome. Join us and send this critical contribution today! Thank you for your efforts.


John Toscano – Legislative Chairman,

Alarm Association of Florida, Inc.