There is currently a laudable and very credible movement within the Coordinated Alarm Reduction Effort to reduce the number of false dispatches nationally. This program is supported both by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriff’s Association. The Alarm Association of Florida has already begun the process of training our members and certain Florida law enforcement representatives in the art of reducing the number of dispatches we incur in the daily course of business.

One of the most common complaints we hear from Law Enforcement is that those within our industry are not responding to their calls and initiatives as problems occur, either in a timely fashion or not at all. To correct this problem and to demonstrate our commitment to this program, I am enclosing two forms with this letter.

The first is a dealer pledge form, to reduce the number of dispatches. It costs you nothing, and our goal is to obtain a pledge from 100% of our
members for this effort. Please fill this out and either fax or mail the form back to us by March 15, 2001 so that we may present them to the IACP to show our support.

The second is a contact form so that law enforcement may contact your designated company representative to address problems, either in your area or regarding your company. This contact information will be posted on our web site, so that law enforcement may easily look you up and communicate with you at the earliest possible moment. Please return this form no later than March 15, 2001 for the same reason as above.

We recently discovered no less than three cities in the Tampa region who are either considering or working on new alarm ordinances which affect alarm dealers and dispatching. There are currently over sixty (60) other government agencies working on alarm ordinances within the State. The reason that they are frustrated is that no one has responded from our industry to their calls for help. We can eliminate this problem now, but only with your immediate assistance.